David Gilroy speaking to students

Yesterday Director of Stuff and Things at Conscious Solutions, David Gilroy gave a guest lecture to Law students on managing their social media presence.

Over 90 students came to hear David talk. He provided the students with warnings about what could go wrong with social media and tips on enhancing their social media presence.

The talk was informative and David even provided a bottle of champagne for the best questions asked by a student.

David is an alumni of UWE Bristol, having studied his Master of Business Administration here in 1996. David commented that he enjoyed coming back to UWE after all this time.

David was a founding member of Conscious Solutions, a digital marketing firm based in Bristol. The firm has an annual turnover in excess of £1.8 million and advises over 300 law firms about their digital marketing, helping them to improve their online footprint in order to attract new clients.